Gift Curiously With Fossil


The festive gift giving season has begun. If you’ve not yet fixed your mind up on what to gift your partner this year. Fossil is here to help you Gift Curiously.

If you’re a Chromeleon like me, you love a little dash of fun & colours in your life – Here’s something which has caught my eye.


“Kaleido” – inspired from a Kaleidoscope, this watch has a dial with individually cut floating shapes that reflects against the polished steel case. Every twist and turn creates a complete, unique pattern that never repeats.

This watch is accompanied by a lovely rose-gold toned kaleidoscope. This gift is indeed made for the curious at heart.

For the Indoorsman like my boyfriend..

Game Set Pouch 148

This game set pouch will get your boyfriend off his Clash of Clans or hearthstone and sit down for a cuppa coffee & an intelligent chess / backgammon game for two (maybe?)

Even if he doesn’t play board games, this rich leather pouch will make your man look intellectual when you take him to meet the parents this Christmas.

When you think of Fossil, you can never forget their watch collection. Fossil has a watch for every party, season, time & space.


Stainless Steel watches are great gifts for men during Christmas. It not only looks expensive, making an impression great enough for you to be asking for a new diamond in return. Watches as such make your man look masculine and classy too.

And, if your man is a fan of leather watches, this watch allows for interchangeable straps. Yes! It is unbelievable!! I had to see it with my own eyes before believing how easy changing straps on this watch seems. You should head on down to one of the Fossil stores near you & get them to demonstrate this simple trickΒ to you.

If you’re wondering interchangeable straps are only for men. That’s where you’ve gone wrong. *drumroll*

Fossil has a wide collection of interchangeable straps for Women too.


This really got my heart thumping. Oh! If you remember the Kaleido watch I had shared with you above. You can interchange its straps anytime, as and when your heart feels like to.

Caution to Men: This isn’t an opportunity for you to be buying a watch for your girl and plan on buying an interchangeable strap every anniversary, birthdays or festive seasons ok! Lest, you want to get slapped.

Last but not least, a gift tag to go along with your gift is not to be forgotten. If you’re a man / woman of few words, Fossil has gift tags for you to put a name on it.

Merry Curious everyone~~


Now with Fossil, you’ll have something curious for every character on your list! For more info, I’d suggest you click hereΒ or head on down to the local store located atΒ Suntec City Mall, West Wing (You’ll be able to see it if you’re going up from Esplanade MRT).

Disclaimer: there is another in Singapore but I will believe the store in Suntec City is the only store which carries all the fashion accessories.

Last of it all… Last (I promise this is the last!) Don’t forget to snap a #fossilflatlay and #fossilsg by 20 December (This Sunday!)

I heard top 3 winning posts will win attractive prizes worth $500!!

I will like to take this opportunity to thank Roanna from paradeoflove for inviting me to my very first media event. As well as, Elle Singapore & Fossil Singapore for hosting this event. It was definitely a great success.

– Keep watching this space. I will love to share more with you in the future. But for now,

Photos taken with LG G4

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