My Year 2015 wraps up here..


As 2015 almost comes to an end and 2016 arriving in a week’s time. I thought it will be a great time to share the blessings that God has provided me with throughout the entire year.

He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.

Many who knows me will clearly know the reason why I had chose to stay away from City Harvest Church for months, which, later became years.

My Walk As a Christian

I was born a Methodist and had always been taught Christianity through strict methodologies. However, growing up in that strict manner only resulted in me, often feeling “overprotected”, wanting to rebel. Hence, when I first joined City Harvest Church, undeniably, it was because I could be with my friends.

Yet, when you slowly see your friends growing into different phases of lives, making you feel out of place. When you have friends who started moving into their own cliques.. Eventually, it got me feeling empty inside. I was not sure any longer the reason behind me going to church.

When City Harvest was first hit with the saga and how my non-Christian friends had started to see the church in a bad light. I eventually made “the right choice” and left.

I had been to many churches back and forth – New Creation, Wesley Methodist, Abundant Family. I also attempted to attend bible studies and all to try to fit in. I had never felt like it was a perfect fit though. I had never felt joy in my heart. As a matter of fact, I withdrew myself from people further as I felt like all humans are evil and mean – How they would always try all means and ways to cheat and lie to you, to hurt you.

Soon, I fell into depression and from a chirpy, outgoing extrovert, I transited into a quiet, introvert. I could simply count the paths I take daily – 2! To school and back. Nowhere else.

Long story short.. I thank God for bringing Claudia and E222 into my life. No matter how many trials and tribulations I have been through, they have never gave up on me. When I re-dedicated my life, time and love to this Church, this Cellgroup. I slowly learnt how to not only love myself, love others around me, and even found love.

Most importantly, I had learnt – Go to Church because you love God, that should be your sole reason.

He who does not love does not know God, for God is love


Before I met SNOOPY, I would think Love was superficial. As many may not know SNOOPY and I met on Tinder. I was using Tinder because a friend of mine was using it. Despite almost coming to a quarter-life crisis, I was not really in a hurry to get myself into a serious relationship.

Of course if you were to attempt writing my love stories into a novel, it’ll probably be few hundred pages thick. Throughout the two years of my university life, I had probably met the most number of men / boys than I would have in my teens. Japanese, Korean, English, Singaporean.. If you were to ask me on the different dating cultures & perspectives, I would definitely have a clear idea of the differences, but that’s a story for another time.

SNOOPY and I started out as friends, but sparks flew and I somehow knew I wanted this man to be mine. Yet, I was unsure and afraid of making the wrong choice. For the VERY, FIRST TIME (yes, ironically my first though i’m a christian).. I had actually decided to pray and ask God if this man was for me.

It was also the very first time, I had brought SNOOPY to church and he was open to accepting God into his life. Ironically, SNOOPY made my faith in God grow and it was through him, I had learnt to always turn to God in times of need. Recently, we had even started saying grace together before meals.

I thank God for bringing this man into my life, allowing me to show what God is to this man, in return for him to show me what love is.

Serve The Lord With Gladness..

Throughout the entire year, I had been tirelessly helping out with celebrating (almost) every E222 member’s birthday and in return, I had learnt patience, kindness, tough love & joy.

Most importantly, When Rolland gifted me the minion you see on top of this post, it hit me with great realisation that I AM A MINION and that every one of us should be glad to be a MINION.

If you have watched The Minions movie, you will learn that minions, for many centuries, have been searching for the most bad-ass leader to follow and serve.

I feel like I can say with pride now, my leader is rather bad-ass! Who will ever carry the heavy burden of a cross on his back for others in the World? Who will ever bear the pain of nails piercing through his palms for the World?

So with this, I am happy to not only be a minion of God but also a minion for E222, to always serve tirelessly, with full dedication. Thanks guys for making 2015 bloody awesome for me and Snoopy!

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