Cleaning Out My Closet..

We are almost nearing to the end of 2015 and breezing our way into 2016 with our crazy work schedules and year end getaways. Putting aside all the fun and parties, let’s start the new year with great, healthy skin.

We all know our skincare and make up products have an expiry date. But how often do we go through a serious closet clean up, tossing away our expired products? Now, here’s a chance for you to start!

Open Jar Symbol


This is a harmonised approach to labelling lifespan on European products. It is usually displayed on both the outer packaging of the product and the product container. How should this symbol be read? It is really easy – the open jar will represent “upon opening of the product”, whilst the number followed by the letter “M” will represent the number of months you can keep the following product for.

Despite the symbol being printed on the container, we usually have tonnes of bottled products everywhere and will not be sure of when the product was first used. What I’ll suggest is getting a permanent black marker and write on the product container / on a white label sticker, the date you first open the product for use. This will help you get a better gauge of when you should throw the product out.

“제조 / 까지”

For most Korean products, you will find these two texts printed on the product containers. For the sake of the rest who do not understand Korean, Here is a simple guide for you to know when your products need to be trashed away.

“제조” – This is the manufacturing date of your product. Usually when you are shopping for Korean products, this will be a great guide to getting the freshest products on shelves.

까지” – This is the expiry date of your product. Usually when you purchase products that are on sale, you will like to take note of this following date as it shows how long you can use this product for before it expires.

Batch Codes


Credit: Check Fresh

With every product, there will be a batch code produced by the manufacturer. In any case, if you will like to find out if your product is still fresh, you can always key in the batch code here and find out more.

Other ways you can find out if your product is spoilt or has expired, your product will sure to have some forms of discolouration, develop a smell or cause any unusual sensation upon application. That should be a warning sign for you to move on to a new product.

As much as throwing out our expired products, We tend to have favourite products of our own or feel like a product is too expensive to throw out without finishing them too.

Here are some tips to get the most benefits out of our products:

  1. Keep products in a cool & dry place. I often love to keep them away from the sun. Better if you will like to put them in the fridge, but you will have to remember to use them!
  2. Use pumped products instead of jars or droppers, this will help to prevent lesser bacteria invasion, which will fight contamination and allow your products for longer use.
  3. Whenever using a jar product, always make sure to use either a spatula or the back of your clean fingers to pick out a product. NEVER attempt to dig out a product with your finger tips. Especially when you have long nails, it will only transfer bacteria into the product, causing it to spoil faster.
  4. Only open a product if you plan to use it. Otherwise, you will start the oxidisation process too soon before you even finish it.

Hope these tips will help you get better, healthier skin in Year 2016! Happy New Year in advance everyone! Talk to you soon~


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