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Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions – Pablo Picasso

We often purchase a new lipstick following the colour trends of the season, what we’d like to match our outfits or what makes us look best.

But how often do we buy a new lipstick based on how we feel?

It got me thinking – How different colours depict the emotions we feel; or in fact, how we want to feel.

Here is a simple chart to  read what your lipstick shades may mean to the people around you.

Brown / Taupe Shades: You’re viewed as warm, comfortable, wholesome. You are genuine, natural and dependable.

Orange / Peach Shades: You’re viewed as cheerful and warm. You are fun and a happy, positive people to be around.

Pink Shades: You’re viewed as lovely, sweet, innocent. You are young, tender with a tinge of innocence.

Purple Shades: You’re viewed as mysterious and confident. You are a sophisticated feminist.

Red Shades: You’re viewed as sexy, passionate. You are outgoing and confident.

This seems a little interesting to take note of, yea? But, what if we are just not all of that?

I for one, am a heavy red/pink lipsticks user. However, I personally feel I am never sweet, innocent, confident or outgoing.

I am an introvert, when you provoke me, I bite. Hence, I had learnt that the lipsticks you use can be a great tool to create a perception.

So say, you’re going for a first date and you want to look confident, GO FOR THE RED SHADES.

If you’re going for a job interview and you want to look welcoming and easy to work with, GO FOR THE TAUPE SHADES.

This led me to believe the shade of your lips can not only give you a different outlook but also a different personality.

A statistic done by Yahoo showed  that 93% of women who wear lipstick 4 days a week are more confident than those who wear it under 3 times a week.

This goes to show that lipsticks are no longer just a make up tool. It is no longer just part of a trend. Hence, when people ask me “Why do you have so many lipsticks for?” Here is my answer “Because it’s my tool to self – empowerment!”

So go ahead and feel empowered! Go ahead and put a colour on! Go ahead and exude that charm in you!




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