Review: Orbis Facial Cleansers

It has been a while since I have written something on this blog. Work has been hectic as usual.. I can’t seem to fathom how anyone ever feels happy about transitioning into adulthood. It just meant more responsibilities & less fun. Urgh! Yuck!

Anyway, I thought today will be one of the better days to share a review with you on two facial cleansers I have been using for quite some time to fight the acne bacteria.

About Orbis

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.00.53 pm.png

Credit: Orbis Singapore

Orbis seems to be a fairly new skincare brand in sunny Singapore, with only five stores islandwide – Robinsons (The Heeren), Robinsons (Raffles City), Bishan Junction 8, Westgate and Plaza Singapura.

How I had learnt about Orbis was through a friend, whom had shared with me on it being a new Japanese Skincare line with pocket-friendly prices to their products. So I had to go over to their very first store when it was first opened at Robinsons Raffles City to take a look then.

Here are some things I had learnt on Orbis on my first trip:

  • Orbis is 100% Oil Free
  • It advocates inner and outer beauty by promoting wellness from within (this is also something that I have always strongly believed in)
  • Orbis believes in Healthy Skin, Healthy Planet, which means they use eco-friendly packaging. (This is also something that I strongly advocate)

Orbis Clear Series Facial Wash

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.45.14 pm.png

Credit: Orbis Singapore

So after my first visit, I started to use the Orbis Clear Series Facial Wash. This series is said to be effective against recurring, adult acne which was what I was facing with in the initial stages.

Here are some of the reviews given by past Orbis Clear Series Facial Wash Users:

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.23.02 pm.png

Credit: Orbis Singapore

My first experience on this facial foam was that it was unlike other brands of acne cleansers that were said to cut off oil from your skin and clear out the red, irritating bumps effectively. It had a rather thick, foaming texture and after using the cleanser to wash my face, my bumps looked less irritated and my skin felt more hydrated compared to using other drugstore brands acne cleansers.

The bumps eventually became small after a month or so, and soon, I had learnt of a new facial cleansing method by a Korean Skincare Doctor and it got me hooked on it. Ever since I had cleansed my face using this method, I had never looked back.

So the idea was to use any soothing gels, in my attempt – I had chose to use Nature Republic’s 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel. All you had to do was to create a ratio of 1:1 between Orbis’s Clear Series Cleanser and the aloe soothing gel. I did this for a month and had seen my face getting smoother, with smaller pores. Most importantly, the bumps had effectively went down. So I was only left with acne scars at that stage to tackle with.

However, then came the time when my boyfriend had gifted me a Clarisonic Mia 2 for my birthday. Do Note: If you’re going to be using the Clarisonic Mia 2, please do not use it with the Clear Series Cleanser.Β REMINDER: PLEASE DO NOT USE THESE TWO ITEMS ON YOUR SKIN SIMULTANEOUSLY!Β 

It was indeed a terrifying danger for someone like me who had sensitive skin and prone to acne-breakouts. My skin had felt slightly more irritated with the Clarisonic and my skin had grew angrier with each passing day.

Orbis Aquaforce Facial Wash

Eventually, I moved on to Orbis Aquaforce! The Orbis Aquaforce is said to help remove shine off the T-Zone while making your skin look radiant and poreless. Most importantly, it is said to remove dry roughness, yet at the same time, prevent hormonal breakouts and coarse bumps.

The Aquaforce Facial Wash seemed to be a lot more gentle and hydrating to use with my Clarisonic. Within my first few attempts of using the Aquaforce Facial cleanser with the Clarisonic, it did cause a slight amount of little bumps to appear on my face. However, subsequent uses with Aquaforce and the Aloe Soothing gel, my skin has now been less prone to breakouts.

Foam Type

Here’s a quick overview on the type of bubble foams that Orbis Facial Washes bring.


The Orbis Facial Cleansers are usually creamy in texture as shown

You will often find yourself using only a pea sized amount like this for an entire face cleansing routine. Here’s another picture to show you how the cleanser looks like when foamed up.


It is slightly bubbly and milky unlike some other cleansers


For some, you may feel like this isn’t going to thoroughly clean your pores. This is not something that matters to me as much because of the use of my Clarisonic. With a cleansing brush device, more than often, the cleanser will be slightly more bubbly than this.

However, when used alone, the Orbis Facial Cleansers are not only gentle enough for sensitive skin but also does a great job in cleaning out the pores. Hence, if you will like to look for a alternative solution to your acne problem apart from Doctors’ prescriptions. Here is one great option for you to look into.

Do note however, I am not encouraging anyone to take up the same facial cleansing routine as I do. Different people have different skin needs and different sensitivities. Hence, always find out more from alternative sources. If you are daring enough, you can try this out. If it works for you – GREAT! Let’s celebrate! But if it does not work out for you, don’t give up!

We will all have clear skin one day. Cheerio! ❀


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