I had read an article recently on Glamour about SUI and I had initially wondered what “SUI” meant.

Moreover, the title of the article went something like this – “Do you SUI?” and I thought to myself, “My gosh! This has definitely got to be an advertorial for Anna Sui”

Unlikely it seemed as I read through the interesting article, I began to chuckle. “SUI” means Shopping Under Influence.

I realised I was not the only victim of SUI and there were a couple of women who fell victim to the same fault. hurhur~

Characteristics of SUI

– Happens only when Alcohol is present

– Usually takes place at home when you’re all alone & drunk at 2, 3 am

– Wakes up the next morning with definite regret

– Purchase something you do not need

My Experience With SUI

To be honest.. I thought this was only something I had seen in the movies and the lighter cases of weird acts done when I’m drunk will just be drunk texting or endless giggling.


But this has gotta be the ultimate. My first experience with SUI was when I had gotten back home from a drinking session with my friends and I was feeling hungry.

So in the middle of the night, at 1am, I had decided to order Macdonalds. Holy crap! The worst of it all, how Macdonalds allows you to pay through your credit card on their mobile app and I had successfully made an order of a set of Mcwings meal to be delivered to my home.


So after making the order, I had hit the sack and at 2am, I realised I had received 11 missed calls from the delivery guy.

So I made my way to the door looking all sleepy & sloppy, grabbed my bag of food and went back to sleep.

Eventually, I woke up the next morning, forgetting that I had ordered a Mcwings meal, went into the kitchen to find out in horror..


That I had stuffed the entire Macdonalds delivery bag into the fridge, went to sleep and woke up not feeling hungry enough to wolf down a Macdonalds meal for breakfast.

Hahahah.. Lesson learnt and truth be told I never did touch my phone ever again after any drinking sessions. Just so, to avoid having to go through SUI all over again. anyone else SUI? Share with me your experiences and we can all have a laugh at them..Haha~

Also, was SUI something you did regularly? How did you stop yourself from it?

Till next time! xx

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