Laneige Beauty Class

Hey Ho! I’m finally blogging on my experience with Laneige K-Beauty Class. YAY~~~ Sorry for the late review.

So I was invited by Nylon Singapore  for the event held at Intercontinental Hotel on 12 March 2016. Under the expert guidance of Laneige Global Make Up Trainer, Cat Koh Young Eun, we picked up some great tips that were trending in Korea for  S/S 2016.


Laneige Global Make Up Trainer – Cat Koh

I got to the class slightly late on that morning, Class was suppose to start at 10 am! However, I got there at 10.15 am instead because I was taking my time on doing my make up. Tip: Never ever go to Laneige Beauty Class with a full face of make up on!

Reason being Laneige encourages you to get hands on with their products while sitting through class, so this is no simple (snap, take notes & leave) kinda class. Adding on, you will thank yourself for having an extra half an hour of sleep before heading for class early in the morning.

I, on the other hand, arrived at class feeling really sleepy, with really dry eyes and a full face of make up. Not forgetting – LATE! hurhur~~ This is definitely not the best situation you want to be in.

To better the situation I was in, Laneige provided us with a lovely glass of apple juice and a bottle of Laneige Collagen Drink. The collagen drink formulated by Laneige is amazing! It contains only 25 kcal worth of low molecular weight fish collagen and natural extracts from red orange and pomegranate. It is free from artificial colourings, preservatives and sugar, easily absorbed and rich in anti-oxidants. Yumm~~


I’m ready..


Presenting Korea’s S/S 2016 Make Up Trend…

Be it in Korea or Singapore, I believe we are pretty much a fast paced society. We always want things fast. With the current Two-Tone lip bar, Laneige has produced a new series of Two-Tone eye shadow bar to not only speed things up but also to create a “blooming natural” look in front of your Oppa.

Laneige Eyeshadow Bar.jpg

I didn’t get the entire series so here is a plate of colour swatches documented by Laneige to help you clearly see what colours are available. Each stick comes with a bright or natural tone base and a shimmery highlighting creamy eyeshadow colour.

Starting with #1 – Humming Coral; this is a peachy coral base with a shimmery beige tone which are great for a natural day look. I had a test on this shade during the beauty class and thought it turned out slightly peachy pink. A little girly just like my usual make up.

#2 – Golden Rose; this is a deep pink with a subtle rose gold tone which can be versatile for both day/night make up.

#3 – Orange Island; this is a fresh tangy orange base meshed with a translucent pearl colour to create a brighter expression. I had purchased this eyeshadow stick as I wanted something different from the safe peaches & pinks that I had always worked with. Indeed, this has taken me by surprise with its eyes brightening effect! :3

#4 – Coffee Bronze; this is a sophiscated semi coffee bronze, which will be great for single eyelids (I suppose). In my opinion, I find this a great colour for a natural evening smokey look.

How to use: Simply swipe from outer corner of eye to inner corner with the shimmers on top and colour base on the bottom. After application, use a blending brush to softly blend the colours for a much natural look.

Lastly, finish your Korean Spring-look with a vivid, long lasting Two-Tone Lip Bar. I personally find this slightly moisturising on the lips compared to some of the lippies I have used from other brands.

Two Tone Lip Bar.JPG

Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar comes in 10 vibrant shades..

Lastly, here is a video of the pretty Lee Sung Kyung and the different sparkling Two-Tone Chemistry looks for a better idea.

The all new Two – Tone Eyeshadow Bars are now readily available in stores at all Laneige boutiques & counters at $38.

Till next time~ xx

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