New Product: The Faceshop x Kakao Friends

Who is as excited as I am? Say goodbye to the over – advertised Line Friends, Say Hi to Kakao Friends!

As a heavy Kakao User, hearing first that The Face Shop is launching an all-new collaboration with Kakao, I just can’t miss this!


Let’s take a closer look!

Hot Hot Summer~~

In a Sunny Island called Singapore, it is almost 365 days of Summer! With a blazing hot sun, you can never miss out on a vital skin product – Sunscreen

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 5.29.25 PM.png

Credit: Qoo10

With the wide range of Sunscreen to choose from, my favourite is the Baby Sun Cushion

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 5.31.47 PM.png

  • Made with a Moisturising Sunflower Sprout Extract
  • Has a Mineral UV Filter
  • No Animal Raw Material
  • Safe for use on Sensitive Skin
  • SPF 34 PA++

This is a great convenient item to put in your bag. Be it for the babies and kids around you, or for your own use! The formula is light and does not add on any further irritation to your skin.

Some sunblocks I have used previously often are either too thick or feels oily & heavy on the skin. But with this product, just gently pat away and you have Sun Protection all – day long! Not to forget, It is an easy product for quick sunscreen touch up at any time of the day.

Take The Sun Away~~

mask sheet.JPG

Credit: The Face Shop

With the daily attacks from the harmful rays, our skin needs some pampering too! What’s more to add a little fun to our short pampering session yea?

Here is an easy way for you to remember what skin benefits each Kakao friend brings to you:

[ Cues Skin Battle Tune *no such tune is available on Itunes* xD ]

Neo makes you strong to fight every day skin battles..

Muzi soothes your pains away!

Frodo quenches your thirst while you take a break…

Tube brightens up your day!

And don’t forget Apeach..

Because A Peach a day keeps the pimples at bay.

So now, Have you figured out what each masks are great for?

  • Neo The Cat Mask Sheet – Resillience
  • Muzi The Rabbit Mask Sheet – Soothing
  • Frodo The Dog Mask Sheet – Moisturising
  • Tube The Duck Mask Sheet – Brightening
  • Apeach The Peach Mask Sheet – Hydrating



Credit: The Face Shop

You can never forget to spritz on some perfume during the day. Recently, I was told by a fellow colleague that I am very sensoral. Perfumes have always been a huge part of me, because I love smelling great all day! So, you can be very sure I will be getting my hands on of these.

The Kakao Friends Series have not only perfume fragrances for women but also men! Let’s look into them:

  • Essential For Men Frodo

Top Note: Basil, Lemon & Mint

Middle Note: Lotus Flower & Cedar Leaf

Base Note: Amber, Vetiver, Precious Wood & Musk

  • Promise Ring Apeach 

Top Note: Bitter Orange, Peach & Grapefruit

Middle Note: Jasmine, Rose & Magnolia

Base Note: Amber & White Musk

  • Secret Blossom Neo 

Top Note: Lemon Tea, Green Tea Leaf, Lilac & Osthmantus

Middle Note: Red Peony, Peach Flower & Wisteria

Base Note: White Sandalwood, Precious Amber & Soft Musk

  • Sweet Kiss Muzi

Top Note: Citrus Lemon & Guava

Middle Note: Lotus, Rose, Freesia & Tuberose

Base Note: Amber & White Musk

I believe my top chosen favourite from the Kakao Friends Range will be Secret Blossom Neo! What is yours?

Lastly, here is a short commercial video of the Kakao Friends Collection to keep you hyped up! I can’t wait to buy them when payday comes~~ ^^

Till Next Time~~ xoxo


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