My Shaving Routine (Not Advertorial)

Hey ~

Hope you’re still tuning in to my blog. I have to admit.. Having a work-life balance is definitely not my forte. I contemplated a couple of times if I should carry on with this blog.

No matter how big or small the community is here, I kinda love this “thing” going on here.

Before I head on, I do deeply apologise for the lack of images, as I think this will be a rather sensitive topic and I think keeping it to just words will make the boy less angry. Hurhur~

So lets get on, shall we?

My Shaving Essentials

These comprises of a few simple things:


My Shaving Essentials

  1. A really awesome shower loofa (You can purchase on from your local drugstores / Body Shop..etc)

I’d have to say they don’t differ much except from how compact your loofa can be. Tip: The less compact it is, the less scrubby it is against your skin.

I prefer the more compacted loofas as shown in the image above as I usually use it only after my gym workouts. Somehow, it gives me the idea of scrubbing off all the dead skins.

2.  A smooth, swifty razor (There are many razor brands out there. Best if you find one that works best for you. I will share with you more on the razor I am currently using, later down below.)

3. A hydrating moisturiser (Use one that best fits your skin.)

I am currently using the Nivea Creme, which, works pretty much like a body butter. I like the idea that it is cheap and great for dry skin. It was recently recommended to me by a friend who loves to use this during the Winter seasons. I will say, it works great. It does not agitate my already eczema-prone skin. So, it’s worth a try!

“The Routine” 


Credit: Cosmopolitan USA

You must be wondering why I am using a razor when there are many girls out there who go for alternatives like waxing and epilating.

There are quite a few reasons, being, One – I don’t quite like the idea of baring my skin in front of someone else. Hence, I tend to shy away from waxing parlours. Two – I have tried waxing on my own, however, it agitates my skin and I tend to get angry, itching bumps in the next couple of days. Three – Let’s say.. Epilating is a little too expensive for me to consider for now. Furthermore, I am not one to be really good with electronics, so best to shy away from it to stay safe.

Shall we move into my routine now?


What I’d usually do before shaving is to shower in a lukewarm ~ hot bath. As in my head, this equates to your pores opening up largely to allow a cleaner, better shave. Next, what I’d do to prepare my skin for a shave is to use my handy – dandy loofa to brush against the skin lightly in circular motions. This is to ensure that all hairs are upright and ready to be shaved.

You will get a better idea looking at the diagram below:


By scrubbing the skin gently, what you want to achieve are hair follicles that are lifted and ready to be shaved.


You can choose to use a shaving foam with your razor or just the razor alone. I use my razor alone and I will explain in a bit why I do so. For a smoother shave, you can choose to go with the direction where you hairs are growing first. Brush the razor gently on the skin and try not to stick the blade too close to your skin. You wouldn’t want to get a razor cut from shaving.

After going with the direction of your hair growth, if you do still find some itsy bitsy hairs that stays on your skin and aren’t removed, you can go against the direction of your hair growth and gently brush once more with your razor.

After Shaving

Once you’re done and out of your shower, don’t forget to slap on some moisturiser. It will do you good for up till your next shave.

Now.. let’s move on to talk a little bit more on my razor.

Venus Swirl Razor

I have used quite a couple of razors since young. As I was a really hairy kid growing up, I started shaving when I was 13. When I first started, I was quite shy I had to admit. I had began by using my dad’s razor and then moving on to Veet Hair Removal Creams (I must admit, the cream is rather stinky and really drying to my skin.)

Recently, I’ve read up more and got curious about trying out Venus Swirl Razor. I must say, it is a whole new experience. Nothing too glorifying, just enough to feel great after shaving.

What makes the Venus Swirl Razor better than the rest?

Venus Swirl Razor

Credit: Venus Gillette

Features of Venus Swirl Razor (Screenshots from Venus Youtube)

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 6.13.33 PM.png

Revolutionary Flexiball

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 6.14.10 PM.png

5 Individually Adjusting Contour Blades

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 6.19.24 PM

Water-activated MoistureGlide Serum for Incredible Glide

I’d say the first few features were pretty much what sold me the idea of an amazing shave. When I first used the Venus Swirl Razor, I noticed that the razor goes on much more gentler compared to other razors I’ve used.

The revolutionary Flexiball which, I must say, I initially had an idea of a 360 turning razor which goes about jolly holly shaving away like a lawn mower.. It did not do the same. However, pretty much close.. The Flexiball moves left-right, left-right~

When Venus said “Virtually No Missed Hairs”.. I have to agree on this.

Water-activated MoistureGlide Serum is something I had always thought of as a Marketing Gimmick. The actual first thought that came to my mind when I first saw this on the shelf was “Oh Come On! All razors glide on incredibly!”. I was entirely wrong.

When I was shaving with a Gillette Men’s Razor (Dad’s Razor), shaving went almost like this..”eek eek, grrrk, grrrk, eek eek”, If you can imagine.. It’s as close as a man shaving his hairy beard. It was rough, however, glides pretty alright against the skin.

With Venus Swirl Razor, I practically heard nothing from shaving. It moves silently, shaves silently. I bet, you can even use this in school and shave your legs during breaks and no one will ever find out. (LOL!)

I guess this is all I have to say about my shaving routine. Here’s a clip of Venus Swirl Razor for you to look at before leaving this page.

If you’ve got any better shaving routines, please share with me down below. I’d love to read them. ❤

Also, if you’re using an epilator and you’d think you had an awesome experience using it, do share with me too, pretty please~~ So I can decide again, whether to move on to an epilator after this..

Sending lots of love around the World~ ❤



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