REVIEW: Guerlain Meteorites

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Hope you’re having a wonderful summer somewhere out there. If it isn’t summer where you’re at, I hope you’re still enjoying your weekend.

The review I am about to write today is partly inspired by a lovely lady, Estelle. I love reading her writings, they’re really thoughtful & great for light reading. If you’re interested in Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle related articles, do visit her blog as well ❀

I got my hands on the Guerlain Meteorites last December from the boy as a Christmas gift. I wasn’t expecting to receive a pot of it, but, I was simply sharing with him how they look so pretty on instagram pictures some of my beauty blogging friends have posted.

He somehow caught the hint and got me my very first pot of Light Revealing Pearls of Powder.

Guerlain Meteorites Powder

Initial Packaging; Credit: Guerlain Singapore


Current Packaging


Close Up Shot on the illuminating pearls


I got mine in Shade 2 Clair – for Light Skin Tones

After almost 8 months of use, I am already 3/4 done with with my pot and am now ready to share with you my Meteorite experience.

Product Claim

“Born of expert craftsmanship, this cult constellation of multi-coloured powder pearls with an unforgettable violet fragrance has been created in 1987.”

  • Transforms light invisible to the naked eye into a pure and endless glow on the skin
  • Counters redness, brings freshness to the skin
  • Illuminates and corrects to provide endless radiance

My Experience

When I first used Guerlain Meteorites, I had really sensitive skin that was constantly breaking out due to the make up products I had used. My friends would always tell me to get a good quality make up product but I had never believed in any difference it would make.

However, my perspectives changed ever since. After using the Guerlain Meteorites, my skin often looked flawless in pictures. Inevitably, I still had slight bumps on my face from time to time but my pictures had often seemed like there was a natural glow from my make up instead of it looking too cakey. You can see them from here, down below.


During my early few uses of Guerlain Meteorites


A couple of months after using Guerlain Meteorites

As you can see, it was indeed a great investment the boy had put into. Most importantly, I was not breaking out as frequently as I used to in the past any longer.

Going into details…

When using Guerlain Meteorites, I have always noticed how fine the texture of the powder was. It was so fine that when I often use it to set my make up, it does not cause my skin to feel burdened at all. Unlike, some face powder brands I have came across previously – they can be quite thick and heavy on the skin as though your pores weigh a tonne *heehee*

Another thing that I have noticed was the puff that comes along with the powder pearls was really useful for covering up redness on the skin. As you brush the puff lightly in circular motions and pat on the corners of your nose and around your lips, redness will tend to look lighter than they used to be.

However, if you are looking to achieve a natural, dewy finish to your make up,Β NEVER, I repeat,Β NEVER EVER attempt to use the puff to powder your face. I had attempted it first hand and hope my lovely ladies out there will never have to face the horror I faced.

When using the puff on your face to set your make up, you can quite imagine yourself to head out looking a little like a powder face.


You will not look exactly the same as this, but you should get what I mean. You will look pretty much similar with powder all over your face. Hence, for light application of Guerlain Meteorites, always ensure to use a light hand & a good face brush.

One that I can recommend and maybe most people have recommended are the Real Techniques face brushes. A little of it really goes a long way.

Final Verdict..

Many will say that Guerlain Meteorites is quite costly to have. However, I’d say “GO FOR IT!” Yea, I will probably not be receiving another pot of Meteorites this Christmas. I’d probably will have to purchase my very own Meteorites in the future…

But ladies, believe me when I say it is a great investment. A pot of Guerlain Meteorites is retailing for $70+ ~ $80+ depending on where you purchase your product. A pot of it will last you for I will say almost 9 ~ 10 months. *Psst~ this is judging from my heavy usage of makeup on a weekly basis*

I’d say it is worth about $10 a month for a really awesome product. What’s not to get..? Moreover, when you’ve hit pan with the product, you can always upcycle the beautiful, intricate pot by placing your accessories in them or even little scented rose petals in them to work as a room fragrance diffuser.

All in all, Guerlain Meteorites is a really great beauty ornament to have by the side of your vanity table.

Do share with me on some of your favourite face powders out there, I’ll love to read about them.

Till Next Time~ xx

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