Hey Everyone! It’s Sunday again. I’m trying my best to stay committed to blogging on Sundays. Hope you will come back and share with your friends and we can all grow our beauty knowledge together. 

Today, I’ve done up a simple homemade recipe. So easy, it requires only 3 steps!

Before sharing the steps here, let me share with you what are the benefits of each ingredient I’ve chosen. 

Lotus Flower Petals 

The essence of a lotus flower is commonly used in most skin care products. Especially in sheet masks you can find in Korean Beauty Stores. 

The lotus flower itself is well known for its soothing properties and its richness in Vitamin C. We all know that Vitamin C is great for skin brightening.

So when you use lotus flowers in any step of your skin care regiment, it can only be good, better, GREAT! It cannot be any worse.


Lemon is popularly known for its richness in Vitamin C too. But do you know, that lemon has antiseptic properties as well?

Lemon can be great for acne prone skin with its antibacterial properties. It is also great for removing wrinkles and blackheads.

However, putting a lemon directly on acne prone skin may cause a little stinging sensation. Do take note of it!

Sparkling Water / Carbonated Water / νƒ„μ‚°μˆ˜

However you call it, whichever name you have for it. This water type has been popularly used by many Korean Skin Care brands to help hydrate the skin, lift out dirt particles or even brighten dull skin.

It is known in Korea that if you wash your face often with Carbonated Water, aids with keeping cells between collagen fibers together, giving your skin overall firmness as well as flushing out impurities from deep within your pores without any harsh tugging or pulling. 

Many Korean Celebrities have gone to take up this method of skin washing to maintain their beautiful, bright glow.

But if you’re like me; where washing your face with carbonated water is a luxury. You can try out this toner I am about to make. 

Steps On Making Your Own Toner

1) Buy 1 – 2 stalks of fresh lotus flowers from the florist, ensure that these are flowers that were brought in on the day you’re making your own toner. 

I was taught in Lush to always use fresh ingredients. I think this is also a great way for our skin to absorb all the great properties of the ingredient we are abput to use. 

Pull out the nicer petals, rinse them and place them in a lovely jar or air – tight container. 

2) Get 1 fresh lemon from the supermarket. Wash them, Slice it up and place it in the jar / container.

3) Fill the jar / container with Sparkling Water / Carbonated Water till it covers all the ingredients you have placed in. 

It should look like this..

Leave it in the fridge overnight and voila! It’s ready for use.

Ways To Use Your Homemade Toner

You can either start placing cotton pads in a ziploc bag and soak up the cotton pads with your toner for easy storage & use. 

Or you can fill up a spray bottle with your homemade toner just like me. I prefer this before the previous method, reason being, with a spray bottle you can conveniently use your toner anywhere on the go. 

We’re all done here now. However, do make sure to not use the toning water for more than 3 weeks! Always keep it in a cool & dry place. I like to just place mine in the fridge and spritz it on once in the day and once at night. 

This toner only cost me about Sgd$7. I hope you have fun with your new homemade brightening toner. Let me know if it benefits you. 

Till next time, xx

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