Happy Birthday Althea!

Althea Korea Singapore

Hey Everyone! Hope you’re all smiley~ It’s mid-week now and no matter how tired and weary you may feel, We’re almost nearing the weekend!

So don’t give up now, let’s perservere~ go! go!

In the meantime, here’s something to brighten up your day. Althea is turning 1 and I’ve got some exciting giveaways to share!

Before we go into the giveaway, you might just be wondering Who is Althea?

Althea isn’t my niece nor my baby where I’ve suddenly gone crazily generous to do a giveaway on my blog. -haha- *psst~ maybe next time, when I’ve got more readers*

So, Althea is a premier online beauty destination founded in 2015 to bridge authentic K-beauty to South East Asians. So if you’re situated in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore.etc and you’ve always been interested in Korean beauty brands like IopeHeraApril Skin.etc

Althea is a one-stop platform for you to bag em’ all. Best of it, you get to enjoy free international shipping on all orders above $50.

Great Finds, Great Buys

One of the great finds on Althea has to be W.Lab White Holic Cream. I was first introduced to this amazing whitening cream by my dear friend, Ryan and had always been hoping to one day find time to fly to Korea to get a few more bottles of these.

W Lab White Holic Whitening Cream

It not only gives you a naturally fair skin, it smells peachy great. Key ingredients such as Niacinamide and Rice Bran Extracts are added in not only to provide with temporary whitening but to improve your skin tone with frequent usage as well. This is an essential product to my everyday make up routine *comment down below if you’d like to see what is my everyday make up routine*

Another great find spotted is Primera Facial Mild Peeling.

Primera Peeling Facial Essence

This product is great for sensitive skin with skin soothing ingredients such as Lavender Oil and Sunflower extract. One pump on dry skin, twice a week is all you need, to gently remove your dead skin. Best recommended for sensitive skin. This product was once featured on Korea TV most popular beauty variety show, Getitbeauty too.

You’ll never go wrong with this purchase. ^^

Last but not least, the third great discovery has to be Medi Heally Herb Warm Pack. Yea~ I know there are many warming packs out there in the market that are said to be great for menstrual pains and cramps.etc  This has got to be a favourite. This warm pack contains 7 herbal ingredients that are well known for their calming properties: Lavender, Warmwood, Chamomile, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage and Fennel.

Menstruation Heat Pack

During that day, when you have severe cramps; it is said to be bad to be popping a painkiller, based on traditional medicinal terms. So, keep this in a handy pouch and you can take it out anywhere in the office, school or even at home and place it on your lower abdomen area. It will help to keep you comfortably warm and soothes the pain. Even if it is not that day. You can always use this warm pack during Winter in colder countries.

Needless to say, a natural herb pack is always safer, environmentally better than a regular heat pack.

Let’s cut the talk now. Now that I’ve shared with you some of the great buys on Althea, it is time for you to buy yourself some awesome great beauty finds. Here is a coupon code you can use.


I hope you enjoy as much the great deals and offers Althea is sharing with me and with you.

Also, with every purchase, you will receive an Althea Party Kit since it’s their 1st anniversary. Go on to your insta and share your best insta-peeks with the hashtag “#altheaturns1” and stand a chance to win amazing prizes from Apple, Canon, Samsung.etc

Good Luck! Till next time xx


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Althea!

  1. Hye, this is Althea Mermaid checking in. The Althea Team would like to thank you for joining in our online Birthday Party. We hope you had fun shopping with us 🙂


    • Thank you for inviting my friend Ryan who invited me to the online Birthday Party. I definitely had fun shopping with Althea and will continue shopping with Althea 😉


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