My Everyday Make Up Routine

Hey Everyone~ We’re almost coming to the end of the week now. Time passes unbelievably fast, it feels like it’s time for a new content for the week again.

Today I’ll be sharing with you guys on my everyday make up routine. It isn’t something amazing like how many other beauty bloggers do their make up; but I promise to put more practise and perfect the skill of it. Let’s all grow & learn together alright! ❤

So firstly, to explain why this is really simple and many of you must be wondering why I missed out on foundation. Well, it’s partly because work has been a lot more hectic for me lately as I expand in my scope of work. There isn’t as much time as I used to have, being able to luxuriously sleep and spend more time on makeup.

Still~ Despite not having enough time for make up, I hope that everyone will dedicate at least a good whole 15 minutes on skincare. Taking care of your skin is much more important than the make up you put on your skin. ^^

So, let’s start~


So here I am, with my hideous bare face teehee~~


The product I have been using religiously on a daily basis is W. Lab’s White Holic Quick Whitening Cream. You can use this as a make up base before foundation if you do need more coverage. This isn’t some bleach cream that will bleach your skin white. It basically acts like a “CC” cream in my opinion, to even out your skin tone and make you look naturally fair for a bright, radiant skin finish.


If you’d like to find out more on White Holic, check out my previous post here

After putting on the White Holic Cream, always make sure to go on with a sunblock. Pardon me for missing out a picture of my sunblock as this makeup routine was documented this afternoon and I wasn’t head out after working on this. ㅠㅠ

After sunblock, I go on wth Maybeline’s Instant Age Rewind Concealer. Yes~ I know, this isn’t a cruelty-free brand. As much as possible, I will love to support cruelty-free brands. However, I have not found a concealer as great as this as of yet. So.. let’s just make do with this for now.

So here’s how I work on this concealer. I use it under the dark eye circles, on areas I wish to conceal and also on the nose bridge to make my nose look more prominent.

Next, Brows time~ I have been using this brow kit for quite some time now. I can’t seem to figure why it has not hit pan yet. I will be moving on to a new brow kit after. I just can’t seem to figure what I’d like about this product but it’s just fine. (no complains)

For my brows, I have been using the Wonder Drawing Eyebrow Kit from Holika Holika. I tend to mix the first two shades together to draw my brows. Nothing really special.

Next, for the eyes; I am currently using the Naked 3 Eyeshadow palette and have been loving it to bits. I am still learning how to play around better with my eyeshadows. For a day look, I always go with the same three shades.


I put Strange all over my eyelid as a base colour for the other eyeshadows to pop out. Tip: A friendly make up artist from Sephora had shared with me that you should gently pat on the eyeshadows for a more pigmented effect on the eyelids instead of sweeping it all over.

On the lid & under eye:


The colour I’ve used here is Burnout for a slight shimmery look on the eyes. I realised whenever I used shimmers on my lids, my eyes tend to look brighter. So, you can try this tip, or if you have better tips out there. Share them with me please. ❤

On the Crease:


Lastly, I’ve used Limit on my crease. You must be wondering why I’d use a light brown shade on the crease. Well, it’s because I’ve always wanted to go darker, smokier.etc But I can never seem to pull off the look right. My eyes tend to look like a panda after. You may think it is cute afterall. But not so cute when you turn up for work looking like a panda. hahaha


haiyak~! ^^


I have been using the Etude House Drawing Show Brush Eyeliner. I love this eyeliner for its fine tip. However, one thing that I hate about this eyeliner is you will always have to curl your eyelashes before putting on the eyeliner. Otherwise, the eyeliner will smudge.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 10.37.25 PM.png

Credit: Etude House

Please share with me down below what are some of your favourite eyeliners. I’d gladly head out to go on a shopping hunt for them. ^^




Here’s another recent find. I’ve found this dirt affordable mascara from Essence EU. It claims to volumise and lengthen your lashes at the same time. What I’ve noticed from using this product is that its brush is rather prickly though it coats your lashes well.

Overall, its fine, you cannot complain about something you find dirt cheap in my opinion.

Now that we’re done with the eyes, let’s move on to the cheeks. I was given this product by a friend who works in a magazine firm. It was basically my reward for assisting her with work. So, I have not much to complain either about using this blusher. But moving forward, now that I’ve hit pan.. I think I’d go for Nars blushers because they are cruelty-free and they’ve got a variety of really pretty colours to choose from.


This is a really great multi-functional blusher from Silkygirl. It may be an affordable drug store brand; but I’d say it works great as an eyeshadow as well if you’re looking to do a spring blossom look. It’s great that you’ve got 2 shades of blushers to pick from as well for everyday make up use. Great for someone who will like an affordable drug store blusher to play around with.

Tip: It is a popular trend recently to put blusher on the centres of your cheeks to give you a sun-kissed/gyaru look and that’s what I have been doing lately as well.

Last of all, for my lips, I’ve worked on my latest finds from Essence EU. They’ve claimed to be cruelty free and that has put a safe thought in my mind about using these products as of now and they’re really affordable in Singapore. However, if you do know otherwise – if they’re not cruelty free as they have claimed, please comment down below.


I first start off with 04 Peach Beauty to colour the lips overall. I have noticed that when I put on a lip pencil before going on with the velvety matte lipgloss, my lip colour tend to last a little longer than they should.

After Peach Beauty, I focus the velvety matte lipgloss in shade Velvet Rose on the centre of my lips to give a little definition and pop of colour as well.

Voila~ We’re done. Recently, I’ve been setting my make up with the Innisfree No Sebum loose powder. Mainly because it has been raining quite a bit recently and my skin feels rather sticky at times. So the No Sebum loose powder has been working great for me. A great product to use when you’re in a humid country like Singapore.


Here’s my final look. Hope you like this guys. Let me know if I should do more of such make up routine looks on my blog.

Till next time, xx

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