RANDOM RANT: Blogging vs Working

Hey.. I know I have been neglecting this space for quite some time. While I was away, I surely had a long debate over blogging and working. So I thought I’d like to share and maybe get a few voices of opinions on this topic.

I had started this blog right about 9 months ago when I first decided, “Why not create a space to share my passion on beauty with the rest of the World?” At that time, I was struggling to make ends meet, with a study loan at hand and having left Lush (a job I really loved). I had needed to look for another job to start working all over again – Somehow like a cash cow.

I found myself in a midst of a whirlwind when I disclosed my interest to focus on blogging and not on job hunting. Many of my family and friends reacted negatively towards it. The main questions were like “how are you gonna pay the bills?”, “how are you gonna survive?” The worst I’ve heard were “You’re in this, on your own. No one else is with you.”, “You’re superficial, attention seeker”

For someone like me, who has been constantly living for the sake of other people. I am someone who is easily affected by one’s opinion of me. So I placed aside my passion for beauty blogging, sat myself down and did some serious job searching. As of which, landed me in one of the biggest multinational corporation – P&G.

Ask me my honest opinion on working and blogging? It never turns out fine. I would often find myself struggling to juggle between both. Especially in P&G, where the work culture pushes you to strive for excellence. You will one day turn out like me – WORN OUT, DEAD TIRED. Some days you will be wondering ” Where the hell am I gonna get the strength to even sit myself down and write a blog post?” I feel completely uninspired.

Eventually, I could not handle the stress of juggling both. I slained my passion for beauty blogging and focused on dedicating my time to work. However, as you know for sure – office politics is one thing you’ll definitely face wherever you go. Let’s face it! You will never be able to please everyone.

I’m now, coming to the end of my contract with P&G, which, got me thinking.. What could have been done to make myself happier, better?

Surely, blogging alone has its cons too. I have never planned to make a single cent out of this space. I have never expect to sell out my space, but to build a community, to give strength to women globally. Surely, living in Singapore, some day I’d have to find a decent job to survive in this pressurising society. Yet, if I were given the chance again to choose, I will not forsake this space for anything else in the World.

Undeniably, through P&G, my thoughts have definitely been sharpened. My perspectives have definitely widened. My experience in digital marketing, product marketing may have increased a tad bit.

Ask me, what might’ve been the biggest take away from this entire experience – it would’ve been to ALWAYS CONTINUE DOING WHAT I AM PASSIONATE IN.

There will always be a stage in life where you will be at a crossroad, having to make a choice of your own. Don’t ever make the same mistake as I did. Always follow your passion, never sacrifice it for something else you thought for a moment, would’ve been better.

Passion is what will drive you to excel, not a big brand name out there. Nothing else should be a better driver (motivation) for excellence. SO, DON’T GIVE UP! YOU WILL MAKE IT THROUGH.

I’m sorry for this long, wordy, random post. If this doesn’t interest you, I’d hope you will kindly pass it by.

Let’s continue talking about beauty products moving forward, x

Till next time. ❤


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