I have been running dry on inspiration lately. But I have been inspired by what I’ve watched and thought I should share with everyone.

4 out of 10 girls are married before their 18th birthdays. Over 90% of countries worldwide have at least one – gender based legal difference which hold women back. In Pakistan, brutal practices of “Honour Killings” are made when a woman marries for love or behave against local customs. The law has allowed families / perpetrators to be easily forgiven.

Through Global Citizen, 30,000 have lobbied to amend the Tazanian Law of Marriage Act and to end child marriage. 37,000 have joined the call to end “Honour Killings” in Pakistan.

If you wish to be part of the action, to form a life changing experience for all, not just women – Go ahead and sign your petition here. Don’t forget to share with your friends and families. We are the World and only when we come together, can change be made.

Let’s all win equality together x

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