Review: COSRX Products

Hey Everyone! You must have been busy with your own lives, just like me. It has been a month and a half since I purchased my very own first set of COSRX products. I am finally ready to give you my very own honest review to the products I have used.

I first learnt about COSRX through the lovely Joankeem, whom I have subscribed to and have been watching for quite a while now. Here is the video shared by Joan on the products themselves. It is also the very same video that built up my interest on COSRX as a brand.

Joan has been really educational with her videos on K-Beauty as well as K-culture and if you are always interested in such topics, please don’t forget to subscribe to her and join the community! ❤

Before we get started, here’s a simple introduction to COSRX, the brand.

COSRX has a decade of history in Korea, committed to make high performance products with safe and natural ingredients. The brand promises to minimise the possibility of any side effects.

One thing I really appreciate is that the brand’s philosophy is just as close to my heart. “Minimalistic and Functional Cosmetic by imperatively necessary ingredients.” Just like the lifestyle I have been trying to live out – Minimalism.

Trust me~ Minimalism is not as easy as you think, especially in the fast – paced World we live in.

Now, let’s kickstart my review!


The very first I will like to start with is this amazing gel cleanser that carries a light scent. Light enough to be gentle on my skin and not cause any harsh irritations. The cleanser as it’s portrayed; is low in PH levels.

Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

Credit: COSRX Singapore

It contains key ingredients like Salicylate (an ester of salicylic acid), Tea Tree Leaf Oil, Evening Primrose Flower Extract and natural BHA that are great for oil balancing, refining skin texture as well calming any bumps you have on your skin.

Though this is said to be a “Morning Gel Cleanser“, this product is not limited to only use in the day. You can also use it at night and I find it a great alternative to Clarisonic‘s cream cleanser to use along with my Clarisonic brush.

Take a look at the texture of the cleanser with/without the aid of my Clarisonic


Second product I’d like to share is the BHA Blackhead Power Liquid, which is one of my favourite COSRX essence to use on a nightly basis. Key ingredients like Betaine Salicylate Niacinamide and Willow Bark Water are great for lightening pigmentations, acne scars, remove dead skin cells and blackheads and refine pores.

BHA Blackhead Power Liquid COSRX

Credit: COSRX Singapore

This unlike normal essences, I don’t go patting this directly on my skin. However, I damp a cotton sheet with the product and go about on my skin in circular motions. The essence feels slightly sticky on the skin initially but goes away after a couple of minutes.

If you’d like a stronger, hydrating exfoliation, you can always feel free to dab on the product on your skin. Always remember – a little surely goes a long way!

In a month, I actually noticed that I had fewer breakouts or inflamed bumps on my skin. My acne scars have also definitely lightened. Still, I will not project 100% of pigmentation lightening to just one product alone. There are many practices I work diligently on a daily basis to achieve the results I want; such as habitual usage of my Clarisonic, weekly masks, daily water drinking.etc

Here’s a peek at the texture of this product..

OI000058 (1).jpg


Last but not least, it’s the Advanced Snail 92 All in One Cream. Pretty sure that Snail Mucus by far is the most popular Asian Anti-Aging Ingredient now. So you can simply guess why I had gotten my hands on a bottle of this as well.

Advanced Snail 92 COSRX

Credit: COSRX Singapore

As the product name says, this product contains 92% of Snail Mucus Filtrate. Along with Sodium Hyaluronate, this product is great for hydrating, improving elasticity in your skin and as well as slight brightening.

Although it is placed under the “Cream” Section on the website, this product has a thick gel-like milky texture. Apply a thin layer on the skin and you will find it to absorb quickly like your regular Korean 92% Aloe Gel. However, when you wash your face the next morning, you will initially feel a thin film on the skin. This will eventually dissipate with the water molecules and leave your skin feeling soft and bouncy.

Somehow, some way, this Snail Cream feels a little like a overnight mask. Sometimes when my skin feels a little dehydrated, I will go on with a hydrating moisturiser then a thin layer of this gel cream before I head off to bed.

Here’s also a peek at the texture of the product…

OI000057 (1).jpg

So this wraps up my reviews on some of my favourite COSRX products. If like me, you have sensitive skin and you’re interested to get your hands on some of the products I have recommended, you can purchase them here:

COSRX Singapore also offers you free delivery with a purchase of $30 and like a bottle of essence is already $22++?! I am pretty sure you can hit $30 with ease. Also, COSRX Singapore was so kind as to provide me with extra sample sachets of their products to try out.

I can now look into trying out some of the other products on my next purchase! Well, that’s all for now. I wish you great health, peace and happiness until my next blog post.

Ciaos x


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