New Product: Light Therapy Acne Mask

Hey All~ I’m back! This time I have a new product I will like to share with you guys. Before we get started, I will like to highlight that this is in no way a sponsored write up.

Let’s get started!

Women, for ages have been combating the zit problem. So far, the largest shelf space on the market are given to oil-control, acne treatment products. With the next largest, anti-aging.

It is not a surprise when we speak of Neutrogena, they seem like the expert in battling the acne problem. No doubt, the first skincare line I was using when I was in high school was Neutrogena. Just acne cleansers/scrubs alone, the brand has 17 products. 17!! Seriously?

Recently, Neutrogena has come up with a futuristic treatment mask that makes you go “ooh! fancy!” This mask claims to work with the dermatologist in-office acne technology to provide you with 30 daily, effective, acne treatment sessions.

Light Therapy Acne Mask

How Does It Work?

The mask, obviously re-useable, is free of chemicals and UV light. It harnesses the power of clinically proven technology to clear acne and allow the skin to heal itself.

Blue Light – Targets acne-causing bacteria

Red Light – Reduces acne inflammation

This mask is said to be easy to pop on after cleansing and to just sit back and relax for 10 minutes until it automatically shuts off.

My Opinions

This mask definitely gets me up and excited. Definitely better than the sheet masks, with the idea that I won’t be polluting the environment with my cotton sheet masks. This mask gives out a lovely pink light, that’s definitely one of the points why I would take a second look at this mask.

I will think that this will be a lovely item to share with your man. I am guessing that most men (if like my man), hates sheet masks for their wet, sticky texture when placed on skin. Also, when the sheet mask gets a little drippy, it’s not a lovely idea to be moving around the house or playing the playstation.

With this mask, (disregarding the pink light) it will be a lot more convenient for your man to put it on and eventually work towards a clearer skin, while playing the playstation. Psst~ Entice your man with “You look as charming as Iron Man with this mask on

Overall, for a tech gadget like this, it will cost you USD$40, which round up to about SGD$55. I must say it is pretty affordable as compared to the Skininc Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light that helps to combat the same skin issue & more

Eventually, such tech gadgets will only be used a couple of times until I get bored and tired of it. You make the choice~ Buy it or not.

Lastly, here is a commercial video on the Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask by Olivia Holt to delight your visual senses.

Till next time x

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