Halloween: Galactic Princess Look

I am back with a new makeup look! This is not exactly a tutorial because I am in no position, someone to teach you how to do your makeup but just to inspire you to dare to try out different looks.

Maybe one day you will be able to create your very own unique Halloween Galactic Princess make up and even be better at this as compared to me. Shall we get started?

First off, I had all my basic base make up done. You can choose to use whichever you are comfortable with. Some people prefer to use a cream white makeup base to wash out your skin tone but I am not comfortable with the idea of putting something too thick on my skin. So I put on my regular foundation. Either way should work for you. ❀

Next off, Cheeks. This is the area where you will like to focus more on. This is the visually appealing part of the entire look. So just imagine how a galaxy looks.

I started off with Zoeva Cosmetics Pink Spectrum Powder Blush in PK020, which is a slightly pale pink colour just to assimilate the light glows of the galaxy.

Zoeva Pink Spectrum Blush


After, I went onto my Morphe Brushes 35s Palette, this is the tricky part..

Morphe Brushes 35s Palette

I went on with contouring my face with the blue hue in the top row first. It will turn out slightly lighter than you hope for, don’t panic. Also dab a little of this blue hue on the nose bridge. Go on lightly with the darker blue shade in the second row on the hollow areas of cheek.

Lastly, sweep on some of the lighter blue colour from the third row on the highest parts of your cheekbone, similar to a highlighter.

Next off, I used the following shades to assimilate a cosmic, interstellar combustion (you get the drift~)

Morphe Brushes 35s


I used the purple hue on 4th row of the palette on the cheek areas where I had placed on the Zoeva Blusher to create a slightly pink and purple look. When using this purple shade, I will suggest to use either a bullet brush or a regular eyeshadow brush to slowly dab the colour in.

Last of it all, I used the purplish-pink shade on the last row to fill in the inner cheek area, nose as well as to blend in the pink blusher and the purple shade I’ve used earlier.

Voila~ Now that the cheeks are done, let’s move on to the eyes.

For the eyes, I stayed on with the Morphe Brushes 35s Palette. I must say, this is a really good palette to use for occasion make up looks, it is reeeeeally pigmented. (:

Eye Make Up

I will list down my eye makeup as below, so you will have a clearer idea.

Brows: Anastasia Brow Powder (Dark Brown) + Faceshop Designing Eyebrow Pencil (Light Brown)

Lashes: Ardell Eyelashes (205)

Crease:Β The brown shade marked with a “C”

Inner Corner: The white shade marked with an “I”

Outer Corner: The blue shade marked with an “O”

NYX Full Throttle

Final touches are the lips as well as the galaxy stars. For my lips, I have used NYX Full Throttle in TricksterΒ which is slightly creamy matte. For the galaxy star touches, I had initially went in with the same white shade that I had used on the inner corner of my eyelids.

But it didn’t turn out as sharp and clean as I had expected it to be. So I will suggest that you use NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk instead to create the “star spots” all over the cheeks and nose bridge.

Also, because in the galaxy, you don’t only see the white speckled stars, sometimes you get a little “dark speckles” sprinkled over the area as well. What I did here was to go over with the Lapcos brown pen eyeliner to create an even sprinkle of white and dark “star spots”.

Here is the final look…

Galactic Princess Makeup

You may choose to braid your hair or curl it whichever way you think makes you look best as a princess.

I hope this will help guide you and get you excited for Halloween. I am really excited and I can’t wait for all that booze and candies!!

Share with me what you will be dressing up as for Halloween, maybe also let me know if this has been helpful. Otherwise, if a video works better, I will do up one next time.

Also, take care. Lots of love and appreciation for you guys.




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