Review: Taiwanese Compact Cushion Foundation Comparison

Hey~ It’s been quite a while since I have been on my blog and I am finally back with new contents.

I had a slightly extensive beauty haul from my recent trip to Taiwan in November and I thought I would like to review some of the compact cushion foundations I had purchased over in Taiwan.

Mainly what you would see on this page today is a comparison between traditionally what’s known as Compact Cushion Foundations and the all – new Compact Mesh Cushion Foundation. As well as, coverage and quality of three cushions I have bought.

Let’s Start!


To start off, I’ll do a simple introduction to the 3 compact cushion foundations I have gotten my hands on~

[ L – R, clockwise motion ] 1028 Visual Therapy Nude Cushion Compact Foundation in shade 02 Natural Beige, Miss Hana Compact Cushion Foundation in shade 02 Luminous Beige , 1028 Visual Therapy Unseen Mesh Compact Cushion Foundation in 02 Natural Beige.

If you have been closely following on the Taiwanese Make Up trends, you will know that 1028 Visual Therapy has been recently growing in popularity. Hence, I had decided to find out what’s exactly so special about 1028 Visual Therapy products. keke~

1028 Visual Therapy Nude Cushion Compact 

The brand claims that this cushion has Vitamin B3 complex which helps with brightening the skin. It also contains Achillea Millefolium Extract and Gentiana Lutea Root Extract to help tone the skin while reducing sebum secretion. It claims to have moisturising properties within the cushion as well. This compact cushion foundation comes with SPF30


1028 Visual Therapy Mesh Compact Cushion Foundation

The brand likewise claims that this cushion has Vitamin B3 complex and moisturising properties too. The slight difference will be that the texture of this foundation is slightly lighter and gives an airy feel on the skin. It also claims to be shine – free, double – duty which acts as a concealer as well as a foundation. Comes with SPF 30 PA +++


Miss Hana Compact Cushion Foundation


This brand had perked my interest on their compact cushions, mainly because Tia Lee (Li Yu Fen) was the celebrity ambassador for the cushion. On the side note, the brand claims to help you achieve a healthy glow on the skin with good coverage properties. It also boasts of its long – hours lasting power. It comes with SPF 50 as well.

Now, if you’d like to see what I think, here it is..


In my opinion, these Taiwanese Cushion Foundations have boasted of long – lasting make up holds and I have also tried putting them to the test. All three cushion foundations have been with me throughout an entire day’s work – be it under the warm, humid Singapore weather or in the cold, chilly offices and I have to say, Miss Hana has proven to be the best of all them.

However, I’d like to bring up a point  – I had used the 1028 Visual Therapy Nude Compact Cushion Foundation while I was in Taiwan and the weather was about 18 degrees to about 22 degrees celsius and for sure, it had also shown great results with the make up hold.

Another thing I’d like to highlight is that 1028 Visual Therapy Mesh Compact Cushion Foundation and 1028 Visual Therapy Nude Compact Cushion Foundation had both the same net weight – 10g. However, in terms of actual content, I’d say the Mesh Compact Cushion Foundation has more content as compared to the Nude Compact Cushion Foundation.

I’d really think that Mesh Cushion Foundations are the latest in – thing and it is the trend to go with presently! It will definitely give you more of your money’s worth than the traditional cushion foundation.

Foundation shades wise, I had bought Shade 02 in all 3 cushion foundations. However, as you can see from the image below, the shades do slightly differ with Miss Hana being the lightest of them all. Also, 1028 Visual Therapy Cushion Foundations gave me the idea that they are much towards the yellow – tones more than the Korean Cushion Foundations that may be more on the whiter side.


Another thing I’d like to highlight…


When you make a purchase on these compact cushion foundations, you’d realise that these cushion foundations are made in Korea. Based on the price points, these cushion foundations range from about $20 ~ $30. However, what you get are really basic cushion foundation puffs, a cushion foundation case and the actual cushion foundation; without an actual refill.

Logically, I’d say it is better to get a Korean Cushion Foundation as compared to a Taiwanese Cushion Foundation. You get a similar quality likewise, at similar price points. Also, with an actual refill to go along with your purchase. I am pretty sure if you follow the popular Korean Youtubers, you will realise that Korean Cushion Foundations are almost similar between brands as well (a story for another time).

However,  for now, if I had to pick one of my favourite cushions out of these 3 Taiwanese cushions, I would go with the 1028 Visual Therapy Unseen Mesh Compact Cushion. Reason being, despite the yellow undertone, this cushion has the best suited shade on my skin. Also, like I had said, it is indeed a bang for the bucks if you’re going with the new Mesh Compact Cushion trends (thumbs up, thumbs up!)

Let me know what you think if you have purchased any of these cushions and have used them before~~

Till next time x



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