Review: Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar

Hey Every One!

How is it going? It has been quite some time since I have been reviewing a product. However, I have worked out on some make up videos recently and if you’re interested, you can watch them here. Also, let me know if you’d like me to do more product reviews or videos instead. I am kinda shy about talking in front of a camera / people, but I will try~ ^^


The Philosophy Renewed Hope In a Jar has been out on the market for quite some time (I know~), I have also been a late adopter of any Philosophy products, mainly because I’ve never felt a need to spend high prices on a moisturiser.

Yet I have to say, I had spent $60 over dollars on a product that I really loved and emptied so now I feel like I am ever ready to be giving you my honest opinon on it.

My First Thoughts

I first got my hands on it when I was shopping in Sephora and was hoping to see if there are any interesting products that may catch my eye.

I’d say Philosophy‘s products are not only simplistic, minimal but also not very much appealing to my eyes. Yet at some point, if you’d see my instagram, I was trying to work on very much a minimalistic feel to it. So I thought the renewed Hope in a Jar seem like a good choice to look into.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 12.40.01 PM copy.png

There were three different variants to the Hope in a Jar, one that is best suited for oily skin; with a gel – like texture, one that is suitable for combination skin; slightly creamy but not too thick, and one suitable for dry skin; a creamy consistency.

Of all three I had tested, I took a liking to the combination skin type variant. Slightly creamy yet refreshing and a great choice for a simple day moisturiser.

Key Benefits

  • Triple Blend of AHA acids (Glycolic, Citric and Mandelic Acids)
  • Three forms of Hyaluronate
  • Asian Fruit Extracts

With the triple blend of AHA acids, you can trust Philosophy to help achieve firmer & brighter skin. Within the first week of use, I noticed that my skin felt a lot smoother and refined in texture.

Well, you know when you have enlarged pores, your skin tends to feel slightly bumpy and rough. Not with Philosophy‘s Renewed Hope in a Jar! With the adequate amounts of AHA acids the team has worked into the formula, the product was key to reviving uneven skin tones and uneven skin textures.

To be honest, when Philosophy claimed Three forms of Hyaluronate as part of their key ingredients to better skin, I can’t simply put my finger to it. I could identify key hyaluronates like Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium Hyaluronate which are amazing for providing the skin with large amounts of hydration and locking in of moisture.

Leave me a comment down below if you do identify the third.

Now emptying the bottle..

While I have finished the entire bottle of the Renewed Hope in a Jar, I would say this moisturiser is a great Day moisturiser. However, if you’ve got combination, dry skin like me, this would never suffice for a night time skin care routine.

Yet, like me, if you would like to use just one skin moisturiser for both day and night, it would be really good to go on with a thin layer of your favourite hydrating sleeping pack to lock in all that moisturising goodness in the night.

Also, if you’ve got a rash bump (sorta like a dry breakout), the Hope in Jar is a great product for not only soothing the itchy bump but also calming down the skin. I have realised on occasions where I have used it on my skin on nights where my skin had given in to random break outs, I would see it improving in skin conditions the morning after.

DO TAKE NOTE: We’re not looking for immediate results. You will never get perpetually perfect skin with products that provide immediate results. What you will want is to cultivate a suitable skin care routine that will continuously help you maintain your skin at its best state.

I’ll say Hope in a Jar has become one of my skin care favourite and surely will be a re – purchase for me soon!

Let me know down below what are some of your favourite skin moisturisers! Also, why are they great for your skin and I will surely love to try them out some time.

Till next time,




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