Review: My Current Favourite Hair Care Products

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Hey everyone,

I thought I’d share a little on some of the hair care products I have been loving lately. One thing I think you ought to know about me is that I clearly know nuts about what’s great for my hair.

As an Asian, I have the usual thin, flat hair most Asian women can relate to. When I try to get some volume into my hair, my scalp usually gets greasy in the middle of the day. Also, living in Singapore where it is usually warm and humid, I can’t live a day without washing my hair.

So most of the time, I leave my hair to the experts to shower them with some TLC. I must say, it is indeed really hard for me to be truly contented with just one product. Hence, I have narrowed down to three.

Let’s start!

For Oily Scalp yet Weak Brittle Hair


Credit: Laboratories Klorane

This is a shampoo I came across lately. I had always thought it was costly for a bottle of shampoo like this but girl, your hair is worth more than anything else. I can’t imagine going bald, seriously.

Quick Feed: Laboratories Klorane is a brand that surrounds itself around beliefs & values such as Authencity, Simplicity & Safety. It is a French brand that has cultivated a lot of time and effort into researching and developing few of the best, innovative formulas through the powers of botanicals.

The shampoo that I had picked up and tried out was for thinning of hair, as of which, was a problem I have been facing with lately. It may be due to stress or my lack of sleep, my tossing and turnings in the night or even diet – related. Yet, when we think of finding a solution, we always want to go to the root of the problems!

Hence, Shampoo with Quinine and B Vitamins. This shampoo is said to feature the power of Quinine which helps with hair strengthening, cleanses whilst restore vitality to thin, lifeless hair.

What I love about it: Silicone – Free, Vegan – Friendly, Light Foaming Texture

What I hate about it: You got to use a hydrating hair conditioner after

Tips: For a shampoo like Shampoo with Quinine and B Vitamins, I use it every alternate day or 2 days after alternatively. Reason being, understanding that this amazing formula will provide my hair with the nutrients it needs,  it just does not seem as hydrating as my other shampoos.

Though, I can totally understand and accept it because usually shampoos that make your hair feel hydrated and soft after a wash would contain harmful ingredients like Silicon and Sulfate which are bad for your hair in the long run. So I can live with it.

For Alternate Days Hair Wash


Credit: L’Oreal Paris

On alternate days when I don’t feel like giving my scalp a harsh, thorough wash yet I want to feel like my hair is clean. I would usually reach out for this amazing shampoo. Yes, this may not be vegan – friendly but it is sure amazing on my hair.

The L’Oreal Everpure Cleansing Balm is said to provide ZERO foam, ZERO sulfate and leaves your hair smelling minty refreshing without stripping out your hair moistures.

What I love about it: It combines 6 different hair products to help you save time, Silicone – Free, Sulfate – Free and Dye Free

What I hate about it: Pretty sure this has been tested on animals. Boohoo

To be honest, as much as this cleansing balm may sound.. this may not be a repurchase on my list. Yes, my hair feels amazing. For someone who wouldn’t mind some expert / home hair care, you surely could go for this. However, moving with my conscience, I am surely going to be on a look out for a better product once this finishes.

For Tamed, Soft Hair


Credit: L’Oreal Paris

So on days when I use the Laboratories Klorane shampoo and my hair feels a little tangly and dry,  I would use this hair conditioner. It smells amazing, gets my locks smooth and manageable too. One thing I hate is sitting on the chair, untangling unruly knots off my hair and my hair can be quite knotty and it hurts!

So I was triggered to reach out to this, L’Oreal E’clat Imperial Conditioner. It boasts of providing you smooth hair with lustrous shine. Well, of course I have to get it.

What I love about it: The scent of Precious French Rose Oil is addictive

What I hate about it: Animal – tested,  leaves my hair flat and sticky by the end of the day.

This may be a hair conditioner that gets your hair real amazing after you get out of the shower. As the fragrance floats through the air during the blow drying process, it makes you feel clean and lovely. Yet, I’d think maybe the formula is a little too rich for the humid climate in Singapore. I’d say I am still on a look out for a better hair conditioner.

On days my hair feels a little too dry & brittle, I would add on a hair oil or a hair serum (just on the ends of my hair). Yet, I use a couple of brands at the moment and have not seem to favourite one over the other just yet.

On weekends when I don’t feel too lazy, I would go with a hydrating hair mask to help soften my hair ends and repair my locks. I’d say the current one I am using is definitely not my favourite. If you know of an amazing hair mask, please share it with me down below. ❤

Well, that pretty much sums up my reviews on my current 3 favourite hair products and also a little insight on my current hair care routine. I’d love to know more about yours! Please please please chat with me in the comments sections. 😉

Till next time!


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