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As my senses awake, a question I’ve asked myself “Have I been dreaming?

I have always pushed forward, no matter the obstacles that came my way. Just how much further do I have to move forward before I take a step back and appreciate the little things in life?

I picked up favourite coffee mug, brewed a magical dose of coffee no other coffeehouses would offer. It’s called “Help! Knock Me Out!” I secretly wished I would have knocked out in an instant from the strong brew; at the same time, I wished for a fresh awakening.

20170417_172826_HDR copy

Gently placed my mug on my dresser as I lift my mood with a light spritz of English Pear and Freesia. Mmm.. it smells slightly tangy sweet yet a little snugly and comforting. Slap on some skin brightening lotion and an air mist cushion in hope to lightly conceal my flaws.

After all, it’s a Monday. I wished someone could tell me.. “You look refreshed from over the Weekend!” Deep down my guts, I knew I drank a little too much on Saturday and over – shopped a little downtown on Sunday.

20170417_172713_HDR copy.jpg

As I smear on a bright red hue of #332 over my lips, I thought to myself, “Wished you were here”. Not the boss, not my piles and piles of paperwork but the cute boy I’ve been hoping to plant a morning kiss on.

When all is done, all has been undone. My fears, my flaws, my uncertainties. You’ve undone all of them and gave me a new leash of hope.

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